On this day, 05/11

2003 – Voyager I is the first man-made object to leave the solar system. 

1991 – Press baron, Robert Maxwell died. He mysteriously fell off his luxury yacht and drowned. During his life, he served in the British Army in WW2, winning the Military Cross. After the war, he created and turned his publishing company into a huge media empire. At the time, there was intense speculation as to whether his death was an accident, murder or suicide. 

1956 – Soviet tanks crush the Hungarian revolt. 

1942 – Art Garfunkel is born. American singer who rose to fame with Paul Simon. Known for ‘Bridge over troubled water’. 

1940 – Elke Sommer is born. German actress fluent in seven languages. 

1919 – Rudolph Valentino marries actress Jean Acker and is locked out on his wedding night. 

1913 – Vivien Leigh is born. British actress known for her role as Scarlett O’Hara. 

1912 – British Board of Film Censors is appointed. 

1912 – Roy Rogers is born. American actor thought to be worth $100 million. 

1912 – Woodrow Wilson won the US presidential elections and become the first Democrat in the White House for 20 years. 

1892 – John Haldane is born. English physiologist and geneticist who pioneered research in population genetics and evolution. 

1854 – Combined British and French forces defeat the Russians at the Battle of Inkerman during the Crimean War. 

1605- Blot to blow up Parliament foiled. A plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament was discovered late last night. Lord Monteagle received a letter warning him to stay away from today’s State Opening, it also hinted at an explosion. The cellar beneath the Lords were searched and a man was found inside. He called himself Guy Fawkes. He was piling up wood, but they let him go. They later found the gunpowder under the wood, and arrested Guy Fawkes when he returned at midnight. It appeared the plot was launched by Catholics, headed by Robert Catesby. Fawkes was chosen to lay down the gunpowder after being noted for his coolness and bravery in the Netherlands, where he was serving in the Spanish Army. 

1586 – Sir Phillip Sidney dies after reckless cavalry charge during a campaign in the Netherlands. 

1556 – 13-year-old Mogul leader Akbar defeated his only rival, Hemu today. Akbar’s army faced Hemu’s 30,000 strong-army which overcame the Mogul flanks. Hemu attacked them with a force of 1500 elephants and was on the win until he was hit in the eye by an arrow and fell unconscious. Akbar mutilated his body and finally hacked off his head. This gave Akbar unchallenged sovereignty over Delhi and Agra. 


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