Review: Blue, Portsmouth Guildhall

Blue proved they are back and better than ever last night with their performance at Portsmouth Guildhall as part of their ‘Roulette Tour’.

The gig begun with a voiceover, building suspense throughout the crowd as it explained the boys’ success and past. They then set the night off to a great start when they finally appeared on stage to perform the track, ‘We’ve Got Tonight’.

After the first song, it was clear they had set their limits high but were determined to pull of one of their best performances yet.

The setlist was a mixture of both old and new tracks, taking you on a trip down memory lane, and then bringing you right up to date with their new style and sound.

They performed a range of their all time classics including ‘Bubblin’’, ‘Fly By II’ and ‘Too Close’ proving that they still had the hot talent that their fans loved and wanted.

They also proved that age was no matter with their impressive, energetic dance routines that couldn’t be faulted. The boys used chairs to carry out their seductive performance of ‘Break you down’ proving to be a crowd favourite.

The setlist also contained tracks off their latest album ‘Roulette’, including their most recent single, ‘Hurt Lovers’ and their upcoming single, ‘Broken’.

Their most recent tracks proved that they have matured and developed their material, but that they still have passion and enthusiasm for making music. It was obvious from the crowd’s reaction that no matter what song they played, they were just happy the boys had reformed and were touring once again.

The boys proved they still had the ability to entertain as they interacted with the audience throughout the gig encouraging them to wave, chant, and sing. The fans showed their true dedication when the band managed to get everyone to crouch down for one of their new songs, ‘Paradise’.

The overall production was thoroughly thought out, bringing the whole performance together. The lighting throughout the gig was impeccable, as was the level of talent from the band, again, not to be faulted!

Blue really out did themselves in their performance, and were thoroughly entertaining throughout. It was clear the crowd loved every second of their concert, no matter what age they were.

Their setlist was the perfect mix between old and new, with Blue raising the roof when performing their closing song, ‘One Love’ leaving the crowd chanting for more.

They then returned for a two-song encore made up of, ‘Breathe Easy’ and ‘All Rise’.

The boys came together showing their true bond and love to be back on stage performing, something they clearly missed. They did both themselves, and their fans proud.

They proved that no matter how old you are, if you have a passion to perform, you will always have a following of dedicated fans. They brought back a number of good memories for everyone in the crowd and made everyone proud to be a part of it.

It was a great performance, and one never to be forgotten. They truly out did themselves.


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