Another forgotten night

My house mates, Natalie Libby and Jane Morton celebrated their birthday’s last weekend by throwing a house party.

Admittedly, we all thought it would end ridiculously bad. The original guest list was over 140 people, and quite frankly, we didn’t think we would fit much more than 20 people in our kitchen!

The guys came up with the idea to create a roof in the garden using a waterproof sheet, and thank god they did! It worked amazingly, giving us double the space we would have had otherwise!

As any party does, it started of slow, with people turning up in small groups, but come half 10 it started to kick off.

All together, we recon about 50 people turned up, which was a really good amount!

The party went well (not that I can remember it). To be honest, I didn’t think I was at the party, I thought I was else where, turns out, I wasn’t. But hey! Signs of a good night, right?!

In the morning, nothing was broken, well apart from the lamp shades (but they were just paper ones from Ikea – one of which, I had in my room. Don’t know how that got there!)

Turns out, during the night there was a thunder storm caused by a mini-tornado, on Hayling Island, which caused our make shift roof to collapse, taking the fence with it! Luckily though, it was fixable!

Other than that, the house just needed a good old clean and it was back to normal. Just got to get all set up for the next one now. Wish us luck! Hopefully it goes as smoothly as this one!


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