The city called Barcelona

Barcelona is a beautiful city, an instant love!

Barcelona is a traditional, cultural, picturesque city that anyone could fall in love with. It is known for its architecture, fashion and art – all of which is visually striking as soon as you hit the city. It holds a different view to the every day city with its strong focus on history.

The iconic promenade of Las Ramblas is well worth a stroll down. It holds lines of stalls throughout the day selling all things Spanish. At night, the city comes alive with street entertainers – more so than you have ever seen before! It’s a scene you wouldn’t want to miss!

Barcelona is famous for its architecture and history. Whilst in the city it’s worth wandering down the winding streets of the Gothic quarter where you will uncover historical art in its most natural form. The cathedral is also well worth a visit. The art, history, technique, skill and beauty that has gone into the building is breathtaking. Whether you have an interest in history or not, the cathedral is bound to entertain everyone. It’s history at your fingertips just waiting to take you back in time.

Shopping in Barcelona is like no other. The city is lined with boulevards, backstreets and alleys filled with both designer and boutique stores, guaranteeing something for everyone! The fashion in Barcelona stands alone and is incomparable to any other city. It is known for its vintage take on Spanish fashion, as well as being up to date with all the latest trends. What ever your taste, what ever your budget, whatever your look, you’ll be guaranteed to find something out of the norm, something you’ll forever love and treasure. The city also houses many handmade jewellery boutiques, adding a new level of art to modern day fashion.

Barcelona is also well known for its choice in restaurants, bars, and cafes. If you want traditional Spanish food, there are hundreds of family restaurants cooking up the wonders that is the Spanish Cuisine. If you’re not so adventurous, the city holds hundreds of restaurants for all nationalities so you are bound to find something you’ll like!

It’s a city that entertains. A city that everyone, no matter what culture, age, interest’s you have, there will be something that draws you in and takes you back in time. Definitely worth a visit! It’s incomparable!


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