Gay Pride

Saturday 3rd August 2013

I went to Gay Pride. The reason being is that I had heard all about it from friends and family, and it sounded like such a unusual but interesting event I just had to go!

I went with a friend who lives in Brighton. I didn’t realise just how big an event it was until I got on the train from Southampton. It was literally packed. I have never been on a train so busy in all my life. However, it was a great train journey. Everyone was in high spirits, looking forward to the day.

There was one guy on the train, who I would love to meet again. He got everyone talking, singing, laughing on the train, which is very hard for public transport in England!

Once in Brighton, it was great to see the streets so packed and people so excited for the day. While we didn’t go into the fair itself (being students we couldn’t afford the entry cost) it was still a great day, and a new experience!

There were people in fancy dress, playing music, putting on acts – it really was a great family day.

It’s definitely something worth trying, its a cheap, yet fun day for everyone!


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