Southampton Music Festival

Tuesday 30th July 2013

To be honest, I never even knew Southampton had a music festival, but when I found out about it, I thought it was worth a visit!

Essentially, all it is a normal, Tuesday night in Bedford place, however the clubs are open earlier. The reason for this, is so that bands can play live sets to people who want to see them.

The festival started at seven, however we didn’t arrive until around half nine. The reason for this? We knew it would be empty, and it was. I’m sure that when the bands were playing, they were busy, but we weren’t there to witness this.

When we got there, we realised that it was just another Tuesday night. After spending a couple of hours in Bedford Place, and realising it wasn’t getting any busier, we decided to get the free bus, and head over to Oceana.

I went out with two uni friends, one who is also from Southampton, and another who lives in London.

Once we were in Oceana we realised just why Bedford was quiet – everyone was here.

I have only ever been to Ocenana once before, and to be honest I didn’t enjoy it. However this night was better than the last.

It was much busier than Bedford, however it was a little grimey. It’s also pretty big, meaning it’s very easy to loose people! When I was in there, I managed to loose both my friends, however thanks to technology I found them again. But as a word of warning, before heading into Oceana I would organise a meeting point for the end of the night, just in case!

What was good, was the range of club rooms available which meant that you could walk between them and experience different genres of music.

Oceana closes at 3am, but by 2am, we were bored of it, and decided to head back to Bedford because the wrist bands said that the gave you entry to the two clubs in Southampton (Rhino and Junk) that are open until 5am.

After a taxi ride back to Bedford (as the Oceana bus is only one way) we started queuing for Rhino. Once in the queue, we realised how much of a con it was! The festival bands were meant to give you free entry until 5am, however, you had to be in the clubs before 12. Anytime after that they were charging Β£9 entry.

Being students, and also knowing it wasn’t worth another Β£9 we decided to head for our taxi home.

Honestly – Southampton Music Festival isn’t what I expected. I thought there would be more live bands, and offer something different, rather than basing it around a normal Tuesday night in Bedford Place.


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