First attempt at fishing and shooting

Tuesday 16th July, 2013

So today I went fishing and shooting for the first time. To describe the experiance in one word I would use: amazing! I had a great time, and thoroughly enjoyed both fishing and shooting.

A lot of memories were made throughout the day too! I went with my friend, Luke. We went to his family friend’s field, where they have a lake at the bottom. It really is a beatuiful peice of land, and the views across the lake and spectacular!

We attempted fishing first. On Luke’s first cast he caught a pretty big Sea Bass which gave us great hope for the rest of the day! On my first cast I caught too, which was something I was very proud of. I really didn’t expect to catch much, let alone on my first try!

Later on in the day I also managed to somehow, catch the line that had snapped off in the morning. Baring in mind, this lake is huge, and we had no idea where the hook was. The chances of me catching it the way I did was literally one in a billion. I was definitetly lucky that day!

We caught quite a few fish in the end, more than we thought we ever would!

Later in the day Luke taught me how to shoot. At first I was scared to hold the gun, let alone use it! He set up a bottle in the field for me as a target. Once I had worked out how to hold the gun, I took aim. Proudly, I hit the target first time – something Luke told me probably wouldn’t happen! At the same time, people were going through the lake in kayaks, and they all cheered for me as I hit the target. I was pretty proud to be honest!

Later on in the evening we went looking around the field for wood pigeons, sadly none were found so I didn’t get to experience that. However, all in all, it was a truly amazing day. I never thought I would ever fish, or shoot, and the fact that I got to do them both in one day, with such a great friend is truly unimaginable! I again owe a lot of thanks to Luke. Without him, I wouldn’t have had such a great day!


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