Rachel’s Holiday


I haven’t read a book in a long time. And I mean a long time. The only reason I decided to read Rachel’s Holiday was because a friend tweeted about so I thought, why not? I’ve got nothing else to do!

The book follows Rachel, a 27-year-old, originally from Dublin that’s living in Manhattan as she’s told she has a drug addiction.

Rachel lives with her best friend Brigit in a flat in the city and loves the rush of young life. She lives for the best moments, taking drugs and alcohol along the way to ensure she gets them. However, when she accidentally takes an overdose, and writes what appears to be a suicide note, she ends up in hospital.

To her amazement, her boyfriend Luke, who adores her, ends their relationship the same day and she is sent to the Cloisters – a rehabilitation centre back home in Dublin.

Rachel only agrees to go to the Cloisters in the hope that she might bump into a celebrity. When, on arrival, she realises it isn’t the glamorous place she though it to be.

The centre is full of people with a range of addictions; gambling, alcohol, drugs, food, but Rachel is determined that she is nothing like them. Determined that she doesn’t have an addiction.

The book follows the treatment given to her whilst in the centre, and the stories she is told along the way by the other patients.

People are called in to help her along the way but Rachel is determined there is no problem.

As her life falls apart in front of her, she has no control over her beliefs or actions.


This is a great book. The story has been written incredibly well leaving you in anticipation at every stage and chapter. The characters are described to the very detail brining the book to life.

Keyes carries the relationship between Rachel and Luke throughout the whole book incredibly well. Everything resorts back to him, giving the reader hope for a positive outcome.

It truly is an inspirational book. It makes you think about what you have in life, and the things you are in denial about. It makes you think about those you take for granted, and gives you that hope that you too can change your life. 

It also helps to explain that an addiction is an illness. It explains simply but in great detail just how much of an impact an addiction has to someones life, and how much it controls them and their actions. 

It is definitely worth reading! I didn’t want to put the book down – something I’m not used to! It not only gives you hope for your own life, but gives you hope for others in similar situations. It makes you think about your actions and want to change everything for the greater good.

– Truly inspirational. 


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