Through the fields of gold

Tuesday 9th July, 2013

Today’s adventure was definitely an adventure. My original plan for the day was a nice relaxed cycle ride along the beach by myself. What the day turned into was wading, climbing, swimming, cycling and pretty much hiking through Manor Farm. The reason for this? Luke.

Me, and my friend Luke decided to make the most of the beautiful weather today and go for a bike ride. As I said, we headed for Manor Farm, but we didn’t go the easy way! We both live pretty far apart from each other; Β me in Warsash and him living in Hedge End (about 20 minutes to half hour drive from each other) so we decided to meet in the middle – Hamble.

Hamble River
Hamble River

Hamble itself is beautiful on a summer’s day so we decided to cycle along the coast, through the fields (which happened to be private land) and make our way to Manor Farm.

Our first photo moment was when we hit the golden fields. The reason behind my naming is due to the fact that they were literally golden in colour, and had a beautiful view across the water.

Fields of gold
Fields of gold

After leaving the field, we walked through what I first assumed was public land, but a lass, it was private property so I didn’t doubt him when he told me I may have to run!

Eventually, we made our way into Manor Farm grounds after a lot of fast cycling, running, and climbing a few barbed wire fences! Yes – it was that private!

Manor Farm Country Park
Manor Farm Country Park

Once in manor farm we tried to find a quiet spot, away from all the kids that were on the jetty. We decided to lock our bikes to a tree and continue our adventure on foot. While it was meant to be a bike ride, the bikes were beginning to get in the way!

Our bikes
Our bikes

After ditching the bikes, we ended up wading through plants, that were, no joke, half the height of me! I definitely felt small! It was also on pretty stodgy mud, so it was hard not to loose your shoe at times – something I was not prepared for. After all, I was wearing summer shorts (but they were more like a skirt) and a vest top. I was not dressed for climbing.

This is what we waded through.
This is what we waded through.

After wading our way through the plants for a good twenty to thirty minutes we reached flat land. But to my surprise, Luke’s reason for taking me this far out was to get me in the water. I wasn’t prepared for wading, let alone swimming!

After a lot of complaining, and repeating ‘I hate you’ about a million times I agreed to go swimming if he jumped in first. Why I agreed to it I’ll never know!

We found what looked like a mini beach on the opposite side of the water so that was our aim. After jumping in I realised it wasn’t very deep. But luckily, or somewhat unluckily, the bottom of the water was just wet mud. So wet, and stodgy, your feet sunk into it when walking!

Our little beach
Our little beach

The water however, was beautiful! I admit, it didn’t look nice from above but once in, you realised it wasn’t as dirty as it appeared. It was a beautiful temperature, wasn’t cold at all. Was refreshing and a great laugh!

After fighting the current, we were able to swim to the other side. It truly was a great moment. I just wish I could have taken my camera into the water with me! I honestly don’t know why I was so scared of jumping in, once in, I never regretted it!

We made a little seat on the other side of the water while we chilled for a bit. I also learnt how to skim rocks – I can barely through a stone let alone skim one so I was pretty impressed with myself after that!

Time passed, and food cravings come along. Chippy chips were calling so we headed back to the other side.

Once dressed and ready to leave I had one more wish.. To lay in the corn field. The reason behind it? The field was huge, and I mean huge. I like the thought of being able to lie in it and no one knowing I was there. I also captured some pretty amazing photo’s!

The corn field in which I lay
The corn field in which I lay

After a well deserved rest we were on a different route back to our bikes, coming across some truly magnificent trees and Luke falling over several of them. We made it back to our bikes and were on our way to get our chips!

The tree that I fell in love with - one root, but it split into 10 trees. Luke on the other hand doesn't like this tree. He fell over another one whilst trying to count how many trees it split into.
The tree that I fell in love with – one root, but it split into 10 trees. Luke on the other hand doesn’t like this tree. He fell over another one whilst trying to count how many trees it split into.

We stopped to get chips at Lowford, which again was in the middle of where we both lived. They truly added to the day. I mean who doesn’t crave chips after a day in the water!?

All in all it was an amazing day! I’ve gained a lot of memories from the day, all of which I won’t ever forget! I also learnt a lot about myself to which I owe thanks to Luke. Another great summers day!


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