Lee to fields to Warsash

Monday 8th July, 2013

After recently finding out that my friend, Luke (who lives near me) had never visited Lee-on-the-solent, I decided it was about time this changed.

My favourite time to visit Lee is in the evening when the sun is setting. It best in the summer, because then you don’t get cold. The view of the sunset along the beach really is beautiful. We decided to go around 8ish so that we would be certain to see it.

After walking for what felt like five minutes, but which was actually two hours, we decided it was time to head back to the car.

Once at the car, I started talking about Warsash and how i love to visit there in the evenings also. This then lead to another adventure after leaving Lee.

We drove to Warsash stopping off at a field on the way. While this might sound weird to you, it sounds perfectly normal to me. I visited this field when I was younger and never went back to it. I’m not sure why, but when arriving it was the exact same as when I left it years ago. It brought back a lot of memories for me, and while it was no more than 10 years ago that I was last there, it made me realise just how quickly time flies!

After leaving the field we walked along the coast to Warsash and sat looking at the stars. Warsash is again, a beautiful place to visit at night due to there being so much open space. You can see the sky for miles around you, allowing you to spot the stars. The sound of the waves hitting the stones is also relaxing – a great way to spend a summer’s night!

If you live in the Fareham/Locks Heath region, I would definitely recommend visiting both these beaches one summer’s evening. It’s a great way to escape from technology and day to day life, and gives you a chance to wind down!


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