Lunch date

Friday 5th July, 2013

I went for a shopping trip with my friend Rachael today. It’s weird how we are friends again, but none the less, very good! She is a genuinely lovely, out going and caring person and it’s hard to think that at one point in time, we didn’t like each other.  We were friends throughout primary school, then grew apart at secondary school. Even at college we weren’t close friends, but since university we have got closer.

We went out for lunch at Whiteley. It was a very last minute decision with her texting me when I woke up this morning, but it was a great day! The reason for the decision was simple, the weather was beautiful! The sun was shining, the flowers were out and it was boiling hot. Neither of us wanted to spend the day locked up inside.

We went to Frankie and Benny’s (my second ever visit, and second visit in one week…) Rach used to work there so she wanted to see her old collegues as well as enjoy their beautiful food. Of course, we chose to sit outside, we’d be stupid not too, and it would be a wasted opportunity if we didn’t.

The price of the food there is very good with the lunch menu being 2 course for £8.95- brilliant! I went for the BBQ Chicken Pizza, it was beautiful! Their pizza’s are really weird but really nice. The dough was more like a pancake than a pizza base, but this just made it even more enjoyable! It was different to any pizza I had had before, but was definitely up there with the best! Rach went for the healthy option of Chicken and Bacon Salad, but to be fair, it did look good! Definitely recommend both these courses.

Us, both being female, chose desert as our second course. Rach went for the Bannoffee Brownie, while I just went with the traditional brownie. Both were served with cream, ice cream, sauce and a topping. They both looked beatiful, and I can safely say tasted amazing! Definitely worth the money!

Rach chose to have a cocktail whilst we were there. While she did say it was rather strong, it was £5.95. I know this is the average price for cocktails in restaurants but it seems expensive to me since uni prices! Other than that, I cannot criticise them. It was amazing food, at just a small price. Definitely worth a visit – you wont be disappointed!

We also went shopping whilst we were there. The shopping centre itself has been designed beautifully, great for a summers day out! We looked around a few of the high street shops and tried a few things on – it’s a must do on a girls shopping trip!

I brought 2 new pairs of sunglasses, that were £10 each or two for £10 from Bank. I know, it confused me too but I wasn’t going to complain! I also brought, what I thought was a yellow tee from River Island for £15, it turned out to be more orange than yellow, but none the less, I love it. And it looks great with dungarees! Rach brought a beautiful skirt dungaree set from River Island. It looked great on her, and fitted really well, and for £18, it was a great bargain. Shame they don’t do student discount though!

Overall, it was a great day out. I’m glad we did it. It brought us together as friends and allowed us to see how we’ve matured and expanded since school. I love her company, she’s a great laugh and I had a really good day!


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