Frankie and Benny’s, Southampton

Monday 1st July, 2013

I had never visited Frankie and Benny’s until today, but I can however, safely say, that I was very happy with it!

I went to the restaurant in Southampton, that is situated next to Odeon cinema. The reason being; it was open late, we didn’t know what other restaurants were around, and it’s good for your money.

On arrival we realised that there was a weekly offer on: 2 course for £11 which it’s pretty good in itself!

I decided to order the pulled pork pasta bake, while my friend, Stephen went for the Carbonara. While I can’t vouch for Stephen’s food, mine was very good! The pasta bake was good just right with the right combination of crispy top, and soft middle. My only criticism for this, however, would be that there was not enough sauce on the pasta bake as some parts were very dry with minimal cheese acting as a sauce.

Being me, I chose to have a desert as my second course. I went for the cinnamon waffle with mint chocolate ice cream, while Stephen had the sticky toffee pudding. Both deserts were laid out well, and mine, yet again, tasted lovely!

I would have been very happy with paying £11 for the two courses, however, once we asked for the bill we were happily informed that it was Monday Madness at Frankie and Benny’s. This means that, every Monday, they give you 25% off your food bill between 5pm and 10pm – AMAZING!

The only other costs were for beer, which was around £4 a pint – again, something you can’t complain about when receiving such great food at such a small cost!

Would definitely recommend the restaurant and their menu!


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