Skating buddy

Saturday 29th June, 2013

I went roller skating today. What started out as a chilled out attempt by myself turned into a laugh and competition when my friend Tristan joined me. He already had skates from when he used to do it at school. I can safely say he is a lot better at it than me! He was trying to teach me how to stop, but I wasn’t having any of it! I can’t stop unless it’s on grass!

Admittedly, my roller skates are pretty rubbish and didn’t cost very much, but I didn’t realise just how rubbish they are until I put his on. His were a lot steadier than mine, and give you a lot more support. I definitely think I need to invest in a new pair if I’m going to keep this hobby alive. And myself on that matter!

It was good having someone to skate with. I love being able to go by myself as it gives me a bit more freedom, but I also love the company. I like being able to share interests with people. I also like the thought that I encouraged him to pick this hobby of his back up.

While we weren’t skating for very long, it was a good laugh, and made me feel a bit more confident in what I was doing. But only a little bit.


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