Anonymous man helps homeless

I saw this video earlier and decided to write a quick post on it. As the title says, its a video of a masked man (anonymous) who helps a homeless guy on the street. The guy is masked due to taking place in a protest, yet he manages to stop everyone in their tracks to pay attention to the man on the street and donate money to him.
The reason I wanted to post this is simple – most people view those who protest as ‘bad’ or a ‘threat’ yet inside they’re doing it for a reason that means so much to them. While I don’t know or need to know what they are protesting for, it is clear that they feel strongly about helping those who need help. It’s just a shame that it has to be an act of kindness carried out in a shadow.
Helping others should be something people are proud of, not something to hide from. That aside, it is great to know that there are people in humanity that care for those they don’t know. That are willing to spare what seems little to them, because it means the world to another.


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