Harvesting WWZ

Monday 24th June, 2013

Today I went for a meal at the Harvester, and then watched WWZ in the cinema with my friend Alex.

I’ve eaten at hundreds (that’s an exaggeration, but it is a lot) of Harvester’s across the country but had never eaten at the one in Fareaham until today.

While they are all the same – I pretty much know the menu’s off by heart, they all have a different feel about them once inside.

The Harvester restaurant in Fareham as a more homely, modern feel about it in comparison to my local restaurant in Burseldon.

We opted for the refillable soft drinks at the Harvester. You cannot go wrong with these, for no more than Β£3 you can refill your drink as many times as you want – making the Harvester a family favourite!

The salad bar appeared smaller at the Fareham restaurant. However, this could have been due to them not having as much on offer due to not all the dishes being full. That aside, you cannot go wrong with a Harvester salad bar!

Both me and Alex decided to opt for the Harvester Burger, with fries and Jack Daniels sauce. I would definitely recommend this burger. It was cooked just right, and with the Jack Daniels sauce, was great for its price! You also got a lot for your money, something you can guarantee at any Harvester restaurant!

We both decided to go for a desert – who wouldn’t? Harvester have created some amazing sundae’s that you would be stupid to turn down! I opted for the munchie sundae which consisted of Vanilla ice cream, munchies, fudge pieces, chocolate sauce, cream and a wafer. Alex chose the Honeycomb explosion which included honeycomb, chocolate and toffee sauce, vanilla ice cream, cream and a wafer. Both of these looked amazing when we were presented with them, and mine definitely tasted as good as it looked!

I have tried a lot of dishes at the Harvester and would definitely recommend their burgers – worth the money and taste amazing!

Any Harvester restaurant is worth the money and visit, with great tasting food at a low price, you cannot go wrong! Great for families or those wanting a simple but great tasting meal!


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