Night out in Brighton

So the past two thursday night’s I’ve gone to Brighton for a night out – while I went to the same place both nights, they turned out to be very different!

Thursday 13th June 2013

I went to Brighton with a friend from university, Elliot and his girlfriend (who I had not met before). We went to Brighton to visit, and stay with my our friend Andy, who is also a course friend at uni, before he goes away to Japan for two months. All I can say for the journey there, was that Elliot can drive fast! The journey is around and hour and half, two hours, but we did it in an hour!

Once there, we started pre drinking! I went to the corner shop to get lemonade, where the cashier screwed me over by saying that they didn’t have change and that I could have it next time I go – after I told him I wasn’t from around that area! Cheek of it ay? Anyway, pre drinks came and went then we hit the town. I

It cost £20 for a taxi there and back (from Hove to Brighton) which I thought wasn’t too bad! When we got there we went to Lola Lo. It looked amazing inside, like a Hawaiian bar which would have been a great place to spend the night, had it been busy! Andy paid for my entry to the club, and Elliot brought me a drink – bless them! But we shortly left after downing our drinks!

We then headed to Audio. This was definitely busier than the other place! The club room was downstairs and while small, had a great atmosphere and was very busy. The drinks were £2 downstairs, and up in the bar, cocktails were buy one get one free – which you can’t complain about! We spent most the night in the bar area while only going down for a dance a couple of times.

The highlight of the night was when Elliot had a ‘tactical throwing up session’. Well, his idea of tactical clearly wasn’t the same as ours, but he soon ripened up and was back to his normal self after me and Andy helped him! We ended up leaving the bar at quarter to two after a bit of drama, and headed back to Andy’s. He then, bless him, cooked us all noodles! Got to love having a friend who’s half Japanese!

The next day me and Andy went out for breakfast. We went to a little cafe near where he lives. While he tried to convince me to get the full breakfast roll, I decided to go with the safe option of a bacon sandwich. My! Was it huge!

We then all went out for Chinese in Brighton after everyone’s cravings went from Indian food to Chinese food. The restaurant was different to any Chinese restaurant I had been to before. The food was more traditional I feel, but tasted amazing! A few things were ordered wrong, but we ate it anyway! I couldn’t actually slate it. The people were very friendly, and the food tasted good and more so was an adventure due to it being so unusual! On the way home we hit traffic, as always leaving Brighton at 4.30, but it soon passed.

It was a great night with the guys, and I definitely enjoyed myself! It was nice to chill in a bar rather than dance all night – gives you a chance to actually get to know people! Although, it was weird seeing them outside of uni, let alone at Andy’s house. I still think it’s weird seeing people with their family, and at their family home – everyone is so different at university! It was also so weird to hear him speak Japanese! Pretty amazing too though!

Andy's Japanese shot glasses!
Andy’s Japanese shot glasses!

Thursday 20th June 2013 

So I went back to Brighton last night, but this time it was to stay with my very dear friend, Natalie. She’s my closest friend at uni so it was weird that I hadn’t seen her for three weeks – we were both very excited to be seeing each other again! I got the train to hers, and once there, we had a much needed gossip session, catching up on everything that had happened to us the past few weeks.

We then went out to Burgess Hill for a look around and a few drinks. We went in a few of the charity shops but then decided to go to The Railway (a Green King pub, where Natalie works) for a few drinks. We ordered a tea pot which is basically a cocktail jug, but in a tea pot! Pretty cool to be honest! That alone had six shots of vodka in it but it only cost £8. The Railway has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere, with a lot of dedicated regulars and also is very relaxed and welcomes families.

After drinking in the Railway, we decided to go to Mooch for a cocktail. Of course, we chose Sex on the Beach. Again the staff here were very friendly, and welcoming. The drinks were £3.50 each, which is still very good for the price! We sat outside and people watched for a while, a great hobby of mine!

After drinking these, we decided to go back to the Railway for a Mojito – don’t know why to be honest! As soon as we ordered it, we had to leave, so took the drinks with us with a promise to return the glasses!

We then went home to have dinner, pre drink with some Malibu and lemonade to then later return to The Railway where we had yet another tea pot and a Vodka Redbull. After leaving here, we got a train (it cost £5 for a single ticket) from Burgess Hill to Brighton.

Once getting on the train, we realised just how young everyone looked! All the people going out looked about 12 – this is where we got protective. We felt old going out, but also felt scared for them. Once at Brighton station, hundreds of them piled off the train! They all looked really young, which was really worrying, but once we hit the places we were going to, everyone looked our age!

We then went into Oxygen where we ordered one of their pretty amazing deals – 2 cocktails, 2 shots, 2 jagerbomb for £10. Oxygen had a student feel to it with most people there pre drinking ready for the night out. It had been designed like a cafe – but with alcohol instead of coffee! It was a very lively place, but was somewhere you couldn’t stay long!

After leaving here we headed to Audio. We had put our name on the guestlist so got in for free. I felt really happy because the bouncer remembered me from the last week, remembered my name and once again told me how it was his favourite name (just to clarify- this was before I gave him my ID) He then proceeded to call me Lozza throughout the night – definitely think I’ve made a friend for life there! Once in, it was empty so we decided to buy a drink in the mean time. After this, us being us, decided to start dancing by ourselves. A guy come over to us, telling us to continue dancing and if we did so he would buy us drinks. We guessed straight away that he was a promotor (which he did turn out to be) and so took him up on his offer and eventually got the club very busy and some free drinks – thanks to us, it was packed! I definitely think they should hire us to work there! We made them some fair few dollars that night! After this we got another vodka lemonade before deciding that we wanted to check out the Haunt.

On our travels there, and after asking a lot of people for directions we saw a girl led in the middle of the road with her friends. We went over to check she was ok, turns out she wanted to show her friends what a fit looks like – she was pretty tipsy! We then walked with them for a bit, informing them of our night, and to find out they had been to Southampton’s Popworld the previous week – such a small world!

We then bumped into two more guys who we asked again for directions from. They had been to the Haunt already and said it was empty so we took them back to Audio. We then found out that one of them was going to Portsmouth Uni to study law next year, we think his name was Mo? Either way – what a small world this really is ay? When arriving, it was still packed. We ordered a vodka lemonade each and jagerbomb and continued to dance. We then, later in the night, ordered two more double vodka lemonades each – however we were hardly drunk!

At one point in the night, Nat dropped her phone. It was pitch black in the club and I was trying to use my phone as a torch but it didn’t work. A guy then started to help us, didn’t ask us what we were doing, was just being a knight in shining armour, as he got on his hands and knees and found her phone – not that you would be, but if you are reading this, we are eternally grateful! Had it not been for you, we wouldn’t have been able to get home. Thank you!

I remember talking to someone called Jimmy in the club who, from what I remember is going into 3rd year Geography at Birmingham Uni.

After leaving the club at around 3, we waited on the front for Natalie’s friend, Masie to pick us up. While stood there we bumped into people we had seen in the club. We were talking to them outside for about half an hour about The Great Gatsby, Blood Diamond, Django Unchained, Tattoo’s – pretty much everything! They were all a very friendly group of people and definitely were a highlight of the night! I don’t think I’ve ever spoke to so many people in a club before. Everyone there was so friendly, it really was a laugh!

After getting back to Nat’s house, we decided to make nachos with bacon on – an amazing invention, as well as bacon bagels each. Yet, some how we didn’t make any noise and didn’t wake her parents up – pretty proud to be honest!

All together, we each drank:

A tea pot (which contained 6 shots of vodka)


2 Sex on the beach

2 Jagerbombs

1 Shot 

Triple Malibu Lemonade

1 Vodka Redbull

2 Double Vodka Lemonades

5 Single Vodka Lemonades 

So a lot of vodka, however we were hardly drunk, remember the night, and don’t have hangovers – we must be getting to used to this drinking lark!

It was however, and great night out. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend Brighton as a place to visit for night life. I like Audio because of its alternative side, and that it wasn’t playing up to date music. It was a mixture of all the years and all genres. Great place to spend the night.

Our Teapot
Our Teapot
= Natalie + Alcohol
= Natalie + Alcohol




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