The two extremes of modelling

I’m not the type of person to be bothered by what I see in magazines. I want to be a journalist, and I know that image sells, but I really don’t like the idea of convincing people that there is just one look. A close friend of mine has recently been scouted to do modelling. She is beautiful, and naturally beautiful at that! She has always had the model look, so it wasn’t a shock when she was found! However, she’s not been chosen to do the usual stick thin modelling you see in magazines.

She’s tall, slim and like I said beautiful. She does plus size modelling – even though she isn’t plus size. I’m all for plus size modelling – it’s good to show that people come in all shapes, sizes and forms and shouldn’t be constricted to one image but I’m not for fake modelling. My friend has got a beautiful figure, yet in her portfolio they have described her as a size 16. There is no way this is true. She’s a 10. End of.

It’s things like this that I don’t understand in the media industry. If you want plus size models, get plus size models. If I was a size 16 and had seen that they had described her as a 16 I’d be annoyed. There are plenty of beautiful plus size women around, so why not choose them, after all – they’re not going to believe a girl is a size 16 if she clearly isn’t?

While I’m now going on a rant, I thought I would add – it would be a great inspiration, I think, for women and teenagers to have ‘average’ sized models in magazines and adverts too. The industry should not be restricted to the two extremes. Majority of the population do not fall into these 2 catergories, therefore we should find women and men of all shapes in magazines. That way, they will appeal to the people they are meant to appeal to, because after all, when people see the two extremes they know its not realistic, therefore they wont believe in what you are trying to sell them. Why create fake models when you can create role models?


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