Bedford Tuesday

Tuesday 18th June, 2013

Last night I went to another Bedford Bloc Party in Southampton – it was definitely different!

I went with my friend’s, Rachael, Zoe, and Zoe’s uni friend Conor.

When we got there it was dead. And I mean dead. I had never seen it so quiet!

We started the night off in Vodka Revs as usual, with our 20 shots for Β£20, all of us finishing ours apart from Conor!

Then we went on to 90’s. This is always a safe option to start the night at now adays! It used to be empty, but you can always guarantee it will be busy between 10 and 12!

With single shots and mixers for 90p you can’t go wrong!

After leaving here we headed over to Orange rooms, Buddah, Aura and ended the night, as usual in Popworld!

While it was a great night, we all agreed that we felt old! It’s weird how attending a student night at the end of the term, aged 19, makes you feel old! While there were a lot of people our age, we couldn’t help but spot out the younger years. While it is to be expected, it definitely makes you feel old! – Looks like we’ll be having to fork out a fortune for nights out at the weekend now!

Conor, Me, Zoe and Rachael
Conor, Me, Zoe and Rachael

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