Student nights, minus the students

Wednesday 5th June, 2013

Wednesday nights are Portsmouth’s biggest student night. Purple Wednesday is the university’s social night that is held at Popworld and Fleet. It’s normally guaranteed to be packed!

I however, decided to go last night, which was not in term time! It was definitely different!

Due to there not being any students it was held at Lyberry, a smaller bar along Guildhall walk.

The bar itself ended up pretty busy, not packed, but enough to be sociable!

The night was meant to be a quiet one, having just a couple of drinks with friends, however it turned out to be the opposite!

I went with my friend from home, Zoe, a friend from uni, Sophie and her third year friend Kelly. I had only met Kelly once before for about half an hour, but got to know her a lot better last night!

The bar was quiet when we first arrived but by the end it was pretty packed.

We bumped into some third year friends and spent the night with them. While it was definitely different to a normal Purple Wednesday, it was still great fun!

We were able to have a more sociable night as it wasn’t as packed allowing us to talk to people.

Half way through the night, my friends Zoe and Sophie went home, and I stayed with Sophie. While I had only just met her, it was a great night.

We went back to friends of her’s for a bit, before crashing at hers.

It was an eventful night which was quite the opposite to what I thought it would be! But it was definitely great! Sometimes, nights are better when the clubs are quiet!


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