Boat House

Tuesday 4th June, 2013

This evening I went for a drink with two of my friends; Katie and Izzy. I’ve known them since I was at Secondary School and we’ve stayed friends ever since.

Me and Katie both go to university, and Izzy works so the only time we ever get to meet up is over the holidays so it was nice to catch up with them.

We decided to go to the Boat House in Swanwick Marina for 2 reasons; it’s a great little place for a drink or food, and to top it off, it was beautiful weather. The Boat House is a great place to visit in the summer as you can sit outside in the Marina with the view of the river and boats. Truly beautiful.

Drinks there are averaged price, looking around ยฃ3.50 for a single spirit and mixer. The food is also great for its money. I have only ever eaten there once, but their new menu is very interesting! They do all the traditional cafe/bar food, but also venture out with their sea food.

It’s definitely worth a visit! The inside of the bar has been designed to match the sea side destination with a boat feel to it. Would recommend it to anyone, however I feel it is more of an adult bar, rather than family destination. This aside, it is a great place for a quiet meal out as a family!


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