8 Reasons

Ok, so for today’s 55 Day Challenge it says that I have to write down 8 reasons why people should hate me? As weird as it sounds, I’m going to stick to it! Just try not to hate me too much!

Reason number 1:

I can’t sing, yet I sing all the time. Whether I know the song or not, I’m the type of person that will sing the first word that comes to my head in the hope that it will a) Be the right word,
b) Look like the right word, or
c) Make me look cool for knowing the lyrics!

Reason number 2:

My memory isn’t very good. Therefore, if you text/call/email me, and I don’t reply straight away, please don’t expect a reply, for the shear reason that I will have forgotten I read it!

Reason number 3:

I’m a really good listener. However, I don’t spill much about my life unless I feel that people want to hear it, or I feel comfortable enough with you that I don’t care if you want to hear it or not – you will sit through it anyway!

Reason number 4:

My hearing isn’t great. So I will ask you to repeat yourself, or in some cases, I wont reply. This isn’t due to me ignoring you (or most the time it isn’t anyway…) it’s just due to the fact that I haven’t realised you’re talking.

Reason number 5:

I hold onto friendships. Whether I’ve just met you, or have known you for years, I like to keep my friendships. Therefore, if you don’t like people texting you randomly to check you are ok, or random catch ups – I am not the person for you! I like to keep up to date with people that I have met, I don’t like people to leave my life whether  they mean a lot or a little to my life.

Reason number 6:

I write blog posts like this. If you get annoyed at people constantly advertising their own work/blogs on their social networking sites then I can guarantee you wont like me! All my posts get advertised on Facebook and Twitter, Sorry!

Reason number 7:

I can’t say no. No matter what situation it puts me in, I can’t say no. I don’t like to let people down, and I don’t like putting myself before anyone. Again, no matter who they are, or how well I know them, I rarely say no to people. It may sound bigheaded to say, but I am far from selfish. I know this annoys some people, if so, I’m sorry, I only do it with good intentions!

Reasons number 8:

It takes a lot to change my mind. Once I am set on something, it is rare that my views or attitutude towards it change. I rarely give up on people, no matter how much they have hurt me, I always forgive. This also results in me being very indecisive at first as I worry that once I have made that decision, there is no going back!


So that’s it. There’s the 8 reasons why you should hate me (or the first 8 that come to mind anyway!)

– Bit of a weird blog post to write to be honest, but can’t break the list! Just try not to hate me too much!


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