Tell about an adventure you have had.

So this isn’t as such an adventure, more of a story our first night in Menorca last year.

I have visited there before with family, but I was quite young at the time. Then last year, me and two friends decided to do a girls holiday there. After booking it, my family booked to go to  the same place just different hotel, a week before meaning that we had a night that overlapped. 

I have two younger sisters, who were 16 at the time, and to be nice, said we would take them out for a couple of drinks. See, this was our first night there and we had been traveling all day so wanted an early night. Like that happened. 

We were encouraged to go into a cocktail bar by some sales person. Admittedly they were nice cocktails and very cheap, but after a few, we begun to get a bit carried away. After that, we walked along the strip entering more cocktail bars, buying more drinks. 

At this point, we were pretty drunk to put it lightly so we decided to head to a club. We panicked a little when we got there as they were asking people for ID, but as we walked up to the bouncers they let us in free – probably because we were young, english girls or something.

Anyway, after partying away in the club and a lot of phone calls from my mum later, we decided it was time to take my sisters home as it had gone 3, and they were meant to be back at 12 at the latest. 

I would like to reinstate, that this was our first night there so we had no idea where we were going which resulted in us relying on my little, but drunk sisters directing us home. 

Somehow, we walked from one side of the city, to the other, going through and past our hotels and the strip without even realising. We asked a few locals for directions but we weren’t too good at following them.

After a few incidents on the way like being followed by local men, by foot and by car, as well as one of my sisters peeing in the street, in my other sisters playsuit (that didn’t end well) we were beginning to give up. 

After a while we resorted to calling my dad. He walked to meet, to what we thought was the middle of know where. Turned out to be just off the strip. 

I know I lack in navigational skills but not that much! 

Top tip: Don’t rely on drunk people for directions!


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