Time for Turkey

Whilst already on the topic of holiday’s and from suffering from writer’s block, I thought I would write a blog post about my holiday to Turkey.

I went to Turkey in 2008 (which would have made me 14 at the time) with my parents and younger sisters (they would have been 12). We stayed in a hotel called, Club Candan in Marmaris.

One of the best aspects of the holiday that I remember was the hotel. Now this was only suposed to be a 3 star hotel, but it truly was beautiful! It only had around 100 apartments, which was different to what we usually stay in, but that made it more relaxing and enjoyable. There was also a water slide to the pool which was great fun!

A few memories from the holiday were:

  • My dad’s reaction to the men out there. As I already said I was only 14 at the time, and my sisters only 12, however, we are all naturally blonde. Until we got there we didn’t realise how much of a problem this would be. The men in the country definitely didn’t hold back in expressing their ‘want’ for us to say the least! My dad still says to this day, that apart from the men it was an amazing holiday – he would just never return with us girls! 
  • On the topic of males, there were 2 instances/memories that I remember! One was that, the hair dresser at the hotel proposed to me! And I repeat, I was only 14! Definitely I situation to remember! The other memory was the life guard. The hotel had their own life guard who at the time was 19. While staying at the hotel, he wouldn’t leave me alone resulting in me having to create the story that I had a boyfriend, however this didn’t stop him. After a week of staying at the hotel, the life guard, Mehmet was fired due to him paying more attention to me than his job. But that still didn’t stop him – he came back to the hotel every day to see me. At the time I didn’t realise how weird this was, but now thinking about it – it’s very weird!
  • On the positive side to meeting people, I became friends with brothers from Portsmouth, along with a family from Bognor – and to this day I still talk to some of them!
  • The shopping in Marmaris was… different! From what I can remember there were stalls everywhere selling “real” designer bags, watches, clothes, perfumes, etc etc. Obviously none of this was the real deal, but people were buying it! I remember each stall looking the exact same, selling all the same stuff!
  • The port in Marmaris was beautiful at night, with lines of restaurants and bars looking out over the water. If I was to go back now I am a little older, I feel I would appreciate this more, but still I remember it being truly beautiful!
  • Another thing I just remembered was the praying. Our hotel was right next to a mosque which meant that every hour they were praying. By praying I mean, calling out through a megaphone to the town. At first we thought this would be annoying, but after the first day/night we had already got used to it, and didn’t think of it!

Overall, it was a really good holiday, and one I will always remember for different reasons! I would recommend visiting it, just not if you have young, blonde, girls!




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