Tell a funny story

See I’m not really good at telling stories, let alone funny ones! I’ve had this blog post sat on my screen for the past few days because I literally cannot think what to write! There are many occasions throughout my days that are funny – I will be the first to admit I do some stupid things! But none of which I can think of being worthy enough to have a whole blog post on them. Most funny situations have happened to me:

  • Walked into a lamppost – yep.
  • Bikini fallen off in the sea, and on a water slide – yep.
  • Ran into a glass door – yep.
  • Spat drink out through my nose – yep.

The list is endless! I’ve already told a few ‘funny’ stories about how I chipped my teeth, and how I broke my thumb but I’m limited at the moment what else to tell.

If I think of anything, I’ll add it! Sorry for the rubbish reply, had to post something for the 55 Day Challenge!


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