Southsea Fair

Over the bank holiday weekend there was a fair on Southsea Common, Portsmouth. While there is a permanent fair on the seafront and pier, this was an additional one just there for the May Bank Holiday weekend. We went along to the fair to check it out, and chill on the beach as the weather was just beautiful – something that rarely occurs over a bank holiday! When we got there (Friday, 3rd) we realised that they were doing a special offer for the first night – all rides £0.99! What more could you ask for? Some of my friends went on a few of the rides, (I couldn’t because of my head) and said that it was definitely worth the money! However, they never did give them the 1p change…

The atmosphere at the fair was really nice. Everyone seemed happy to be there, and were enjoying the evening. It wasn’t all that busy, had the odd uni group here and there, and some local families, but other than that, they couldn’t have had much trade! The costs of the games were £2.50, which compared to the £0.99 rides seemed a lot, however, seeing as the rides normally cost more, they probably would have had more customers over the weekend.

We only spent around half an hour at the fair, wondering from stall to stall before we decided to leave and relax in the sunset.

It was a good way to spend the evening, making a change from the usual routine. It was definitely aimed more at families but I feel that it wouldn’t have appealed to them as much, due to them not catering very well for small children. However, we did have a good night! It brought back some memories of the last time I was at the fair, (a good few years ago now!) and while that didn’t spoil my evening slightly, it was nice to have the memories with me whilst I wondered around.


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