Tell the story of when you were most heartbroken.

For my own good, and for the sake of others, I don’t want to go into detail on this subject. While this may mean I am not answering the question, I don’t want to bring up old memories for others, or myself. However, I can definitely say that, along with most teenage girls, I have been through situations where my heart was “broken”. But now looking back at it, in most siutations I am glad it was. I have moved on from all my relationships postively, and am still friends with the majority of them! I know I am the worst when it comes to getting over someone, but I’m good at looking back at past situations and realising that I’ve learnt from them, it just takes me a long time to move on! I fall for people way too easily, and then I can never say goodbye to people – both happen hand in hand – making moving on very hard for me. However, like I said, if you look back at your past when you were at your lowest, and then think of how far you have come, you too will be amazed at how much it has affected your life in a good way! All those tears of sadness will one day make tears of happiness.Β 


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