Worst injury you got and how you got it?

I have only ever broken one bone (touch wood!) and this was my thumb. For my nan and grandad’s Ruby anniversary we had a meal with all of my family. This was during my ‘grunge’ days, which meant I was wearing very big an baggy trousers. Whilst sitting around the table, I was asked to go round to the other side to have a photograph taken. Me, being me, I ran. This then resulted in my tripping on my trousers, hitting my head on the wall, and bending my thumb back. I can tell you know it was very painful and I went white in the face. Plus I didn’t get in the photo!

Not only this, but my parents were determined I just bruised my thumb. After they let me suffer in pain for nearly a week, my nan and auntie decided to take me to the hospital. Turns out it was broken in 3 places! I had a cast on for over 9 weeks!

To this day, I still hold this against my parents, although they still stand by the fact it was just ‘bruised!’

Also, to top all of this off – the incident was captured on camera. So yep, I will be haunted by both my broken thumb, and dodgy clothing choice for the rest of my living life!


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