Loveable Rogues

So after our whole ‘not going out, must revise’ thing, we decided to go out last night to Liquid in Portsmouth for one main reason, LOVEABLE ROGUES!

That’s right, Loveable Rogues were in Liquid last night! For those of you who don’t know who they were, basically, they’re a acoustic hip hop band from London who auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent last year. They managed to reach the final of the show, however, did not win.

They have recently released their new single What a night! after supporting Olly Murs in his 2013 tour.

Admittedly, I don’t know any of their music, just remember them being good on the show. So a few days before we played a few of their tracks.

Last night they played a very short set of around 10 minutes, playing around 3 songs. This was to be expected as;

  1. They don’t have many songs released to sing; and 
  2. Liquid’s acts are never on long

Anyway, the songs they did play were good, and although most of the audience didn’t know the lyrics they managed to get the crowd going.

They then did a Meet and Greet after their performance. However when I say meet and greet, it was more a; stand next to them, smile, have the photo taken, walk away, next person in. This again was to be expected due to there being such a long que! But we were second in the que so luckily didn’t waste any of the night waiting!

All in all, it was worth going out for. We had a great night in Liquid as always, and Loveable Rogues just topped it off! Another act that was well worth paying the £4 entry fee! Well done Liquid!

Loveable Rogues
Loveable Rogues

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