What has been the best day of your life so far?

Now this is a hard one. Now I’m thinking about it, my mind has gone blank.

I know I talk about Portugal a lot, but I honestly think that the best day of my life so far was jumping off the cliff in Portugal. While this might not sound like much to most people, some how I managed to conquer a fear that day. I could barely climb up to the point, let alone throw myself off the edge! It was a memory I will never forget. The views at the top of the cliff were perfect. To be able to look out in the distance and see the sea disappear. See the curve of the ocean. It was truly beautiful. I will always be proud of myself for jumping off the cliff. I’m not one for heights, and that is by far very high. This is the best day of my life so far because it is a day that I went against my fears and did what I wanted to do. The first day that I realised that fear shouldn’t put my off experiencing the things I want to experience. The day I began to live my life.


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