Portsdown Hill

I’ve driven from my house to Portsmouth hundreds of times, but I’ve only ever done the scenic route twice – the first time was late at night so couldn’t remember much. Admittedly, I wouldn’t know how to get home from Portsmouth unless it was on the motorway, but after being taken on a different route yesterday I definitely think it’s worth the extra petrol money.

I had never stopped off at Porstdown Hill until yesterday, and my have I been missing out! The views from the top of the hill are unimaginable. It really was beautiful. You can see for miles over the city and out to the Isle of Wight.

Whilst at the top of the hill I was convinced to buy a burger. Wow – that is all I have to say. No joke, it was bigger than my head! I was tricked into believing that they were small burgers and for an extra 80 pence I could get a large. If you’re thinking of buying a burger from Portsdown Hill – get a small! It was literally huge! While it was amazing for your money at only £4 – I can honestly say I was defeated! Should have saved my 80 pence!

We then drove along the coast to Lee on the Solent. This is a route I have done thousands of times. I love it. It lets me think and allows my imagination to run wild. It’s a drive I would recommend to anyone! We stopped off for ice cream at the wonderful Bluebird Cafe.

Every time I go there it reminds me of my grandparents. They used to always take us there in the summer and buy us an ice cream – I remember them being huge! While they still are huge, and taste amazing – I think I’ve just grown…

You cannot visit Lee on the Solent without buying an ice cream from Bluebird – it’s a tradition!

Portsdown Hill and Bluebird Cafe, Lee on the Solent
Portsdown Hill and Bluebird Cafe, Lee on the Solent

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