Lions and tigers and bears… Oh my!

So last night was Carnage which explains the state I am in today. It also wasn’t a great day to write an essay that’s due in tomorrow, but that’s besides the point!

Yesterday’s Carnage theme was Zoo Animals and as always – I don’t go with the crowd. After previously dressing up as a fish, I thought it was time to try something different. A frog. The outfit – although it appeared better in my mind – turned out to be alright. It could have been better (although I did like my eyes!)

My main issue with going as a frog arrived when I saw the list on tasks on the back of the t-shirt. Yep, there it was “Kiss a frog” and I can safely say that, thanks to some “friends” I had an eventful night.

So my whole – stop kissing people in clubs thing that I had going on for nearly 3 months – ended last night. Pretty sure any ‘action’ I would have got in those 3 months appeared in that one night, and to be honest, I can’t remember much of it!

I drank a lot. And even that is probably an understatement however, I did have a very good night. Everyone dressed up as different animals – flamingos, tigers, zebras, lions, you name it, it was probably there!

I did the last Carnage stone cold sober and had a great night, but last night was brilliant! Even made it to the after party in Pure!

It was definitely an event to remember, and it has definitely put me off kissing anyone for life – whether a prince or not! My one night of mishap is to be forgotten – I’m going back to my rule:

I don’t kiss people in clubs!



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