I like to class myself as individual. I do what I want. I dress how I want. I buy what I want. I eat what I want. I make my own decisions. While I will admit, that there are times when I want to ‘be’ like others, or want what they have – I stop myself. The reason for this, is simple – if I was meant to have it I would have found it.

Everyone has those little quirks about them that makes them who they are. While I use this as an example a lot (probably way too much) as soon as you see my room – it describes me and my personality instantly. A lot of people compliment me on the way I have designed my room, but to be honest I haven’t designed it – I’ve just cluttered it full of things that represent my life so far. I feel that my room is so individual – the photo display, the ornaments, the wallpaper, the accessories, the bedding – that if anyone was to copy it wouldn’t be their true personality. I’m not saying that to be stubborn or selfish, I’m saying that because I really believe in the idea that if you’re happy with who you are, and are willing to show it off then others will love you for it also!

I like to think that my clothes are pretty individual as well. While I do shop occasionally in the High Street Stores, a lot (if not the majority) of my clothes are either brought from Charity Shops, Boutiques or Vintage clothing stores. My reasoning for this, is again simple – I don’t want to look like a clone. I love clothes, and I love that people have a strong passion for fashion – but personally, I think that high street fashion kills the idea of fashion. It takes the individuality away from designers and items due to everyone buying and looking the same. I like it when people compliment me on the clothes I wear (who doesn’t) and again, not to sound selfish but it get’s to me when people copy me. I know I should take it as a compliment – but I express who I am through my clothing as I’m not good at expressing it in other ways – hence why I want to dress differently. But when people copying this – it takes away my originality, therefore I have no other way to express myself.

Obviously I write on here as a way to express myself but again this is limited. There is only so much I (or anyone) can write on a blog. While it is my private space, I’m putting out to the world therefore anyone can read it – and I don’t want to offend anyone through what I write. However, again I use this to express myself. One day I hope to be a reporter. I want to travel the world reporting on everything I see – war, crime, love, fashion, food, cities, you name it – I want to see it. This is why I have my blog. This is a Lilly pad on the way to my pond. I want to be able to live through the world, experience all it has to offer. While no one could ever take this dream away from me, I rarely express it due to people instantly replying with “That sounds cool, I want to do it too”. Again – I should take this as a compliment, but I believe that you will only get what you want, if you know what you want. There is no point living some one else’s dreams when you could be living yours!

I’m not one for holding back in my personality either. Admittedly I am quite a shy person until you get to know me. I’m pretty good at being a team leader and can talk for hours to someone I have just met, but when I’m in a group of people who know each other I instantly go shy. It’s even worse when I ‘like’ someone – I can talk forever about everything to someone if I consider them just a friend, think of them as any more and I close up and can barely say a word! That’s why I make the most of the situations when I do feel confident. Since being at uni I have definitely come out of my shell! I was never one to dress up for fancy dress parties because I was too scared to be the outcast but since joining uni – I’ve wanted to be the out cast. I like standing out in the crowd but not in a boastful way, just in that people can tell what sort of person I am through what I wear. I mean how many people dress up as a fish, or a frog for an animal theme dress code?

I’m definetly ‘out of the oridianry’ – but that’s what I think makes me, me. If you make the most of what you have to offer, people will love you for it. Be who you want to be, not what the person next to you is. Live the dreams that you want to live, otherwise one day, they’ll be employing while they live theirs. Express yourself the way you want to. Do it in your own way. While what suits other people’s personalities may look good – it won’t suit you the same, because at the end of the day we are all unique, we are all individual.

Make the most of your individuality – Celebrate it!


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