Drinking Games

International drinking consuming rules

This is played along with your other drinking games

How to play:

  1. You can never say the word DRINK or FINGER.
  2. You can’t call anyone by their first name.
  3. You can’t point with a finger or thumb.
  4. You can’t swear.
  5. You can only drink consume with your left hand.

If you break any of these, you have to take a sip of your beverage


Ring of Fire

This is the King of all pre-drinks.


  • Deck of cards
  • Pint glass

How to play:

1) Arrange a pack of cards in a small circle around a pint glass, all face down.

2) Sit in a circle around the cards. Take it in turns to pick a card, making sure you don’t break the circle (if you do, you must immediately down your drink).

3) For each card, there is a corresponding action:

2 = you – pick somebody else to drink

3 = me – you have to drink

4 = floor – whoever gets this card has to put their hand palm down on the floor. As soon as someone else notices, they do the same. The last person to put their hand on the floor has to drink.

5 = guys – guys drink.

6 = chicks – girls drink

7 = heaven – raise your arm in the air. The last person to do so has to drink.

8 = mate – the person who picks up the card has to choose a mate. Every time they drink, their mate has to as well, this rule applies for the rest of the game. 

9 = rhyme – whoever picks the card must say a word. The next person then says a rhyming word and so on until someone screws up (they have to drink).

10 = categories – similar to 9, although this time the first person names a category (e.g. cars, U.K. cities, types of beer) and everyone has to name something that fits into it. Again, whoever messes up first drinks.

Jack = rule – the picker gets to think of a new rule for the game.

Queen = Question Master – picking this card means you become Question Master. Ask people questions, and if they answer, they have to drink. If they return with the comment “F**k you Question Master” then the Question Master has to drink. The Question Master title passes on as soon as someone else gets the Queen.

King = King’s cup – the first three people to pick up a King add some of their drink (whatever it is) to the cup in the middle – the fourth person drinks it.

Ace = waterfall – fill your drinks up, then everyone in the circle starts drinking at the same time. The person who picked the Ace can continue drinking for as long as they want, but the second person cannot stop drinking until they have, the third person cannot stop until the second has and so on. Whoever picks the Ace chooses which direction the waterfall goes in.

Ring of Fire
Ring of Fire


Beer Pong

This game is best with 4 or more players.


  • Plastic Cups
  • Ping Pong Ball

How to play:

1) Divide into 2 teams and stand at opposite ends of a table, each group with 6 -10 plastic cups of beer in a triangle in front of them. (like skittles at bowling)

2) The first player has to throw the ping pong ball at the opponent’s cups. If it lands in one, a player from the rival team must down the contents.

3) The other team then takes their go, and carries out the same act. (When the cups begin to empty you can move the remainder ones closer to each other)

4) If the ball bounces on the table, before landing in the cup, the defending team then have to drink 2 cups. However, once the ball has bounced, the defending team are allowed to hit the ball out of the way.

5) The losing team is the first one to finish all their beer. As a punishment, they must then drink everything left in the winning team’s cups as well.

If you’re not one for beer, or want something stronger, you can put whatever alcohol you want in the cups.

Beer Pong
Beer Pong


Fuzzy Duck

This game sounds easier than it is and is also played better drunk.

How to play:

1) Everyone has to sit in a circle. The first person then has to say “Fuzzy Duck” to the person on their left.

2) This is then repeated around the circle. However, each player can either reply with “Fuzzy Duck” to the person on their left, or ask “Does he?” to the person on their right. If the player asks “Does he?” the game changes direction.

3) When the game changes direction, the phrase then changes to “Ducky Fuzz”. This continues until someone asks “Does he?” and it changes back to the original direction and phrase.

4) Anyone who messes up has to drink. This game works better if played at speed!


I have never

This is a great game to play to get to know people but only works if everyone is honest and willing to spill a few secrets!

How to play:

1) Going round in a circle, each player takes it in turn to say ‘I have never…’ followed by something they haven’t done (the more scandalous the better).

2) Anyone who has done the named activity has to drink.

While it doesn’t sound great written down, this turns out to be a very funny experience!


Boat Race

This is a great warm up game and is best played with at least 4 people per team.

How to play:

1) Each team has to sit in a line, one behind the other.

2) Each member of the team has to be holding a pint of beer (or any other alcoholic beverage of your choice).

2) One the word ‘Go’, the first person must drink their pint as quickly as possible. As soon as they finish, they have to put the glass on their head and the next person starts drinking.

3) Each member of the team must wait until the person in front of them has finished drinking before they can start. The winning team is the first one to finish.



This is another game that sounds easy, but turns out to be quite difficult!

How to play:

1) Everyone has to sit in a circle. The first player then elects the direction e.g. ‘1 to my left..’

2) Players then continue counting around the circle. (e.g. Second person would say 2, etc.) If anyone says two numbers together (‘3,4’) the game changes direction, if someone says three (‘5,6,7′) then it carries on in the same direction but skips a player.

3) Anyone who screws up drinks.

4) Then whoever ends up as ’21’ has to down their drink.




  • You need access to the Police song, Roxanne

How to play:

1) Divide into two teams, standing opposite each other. Put ‘Roxanne’ on, loud.

2) Team one: whenever you hear the word ‘Roxanne’ drink. Whenver you hear ‘Red Light’ spin around on the spot.

3) Team two: do the opposite – spin on ‘Roxanne’, drink on ‘Red Light’.

4) Repeat until you are sick of the song (or just sick in general.)


F**K the dealer

Now this is similar to higher or lower, but a bit more interesting.


  • Deck of cards

How to play:

1) One person, The Dealer, shuffles a deck of cards and places it down in front of them. They then pick up the top card and the first player (the person on their left) must try and guess the number on it.

2) If the player guesses correctly, The Dealer must drink. If they are incorrect, The Dealer tells them whether the actual number is higher or lower than their answer.

3) The first player then guesses again. If they get it right, The Dealer drinks, but if they get it wrong, the player drinks and the guessing passes on to the next person (repeating the same process). Used cards are placed face up for everyone to see and grouped according to number – this means it gradually gets easier and easier to guess what’s left in the pack.

4) In order for the role of The Dealer to be passed on, two players in a row must guess the card incorrectly. The deck is then passed on to the next person in the circle.

5) Play continues until all the cards are gone – by this time most people have been The Dealer, so essentially everyone is f***ed.


G’Day Bruce

This game is best played with an Aussie accent!

How to play:

1) Sit in a circle. The first person says ‘G’day Bruce’ to the player on their left, who replies ‘G’day Bruce’. The first player then gestures to the third person along, saying ‘Say g’day to Bruce, Bruce’.

2) The second player then turns to the third and says ‘G’day Bruce’. The third player replies ‘G’day Bruce’, and then, as before, the second player points to the fourth saying ‘Say g’day to Bruce, Bruce’.

3) This continues around the circle until someone makes a mistake, at which point they must drink and their name will change (the other players get to choose the name but it can’t be anyone’s in the room)

4) The game gets pretty complicated as everyone’s name changes and you have to remember who you’re introducing!


Goon of fortune

The silver bags inside a box of wine is called a goon.


  • 4 goons
  • A circular washing line that spins

How to play:

1) Attach a goon to each of the four corners of the washing line(use clothes pegs if necessary), and then all stand in a circle around it.

2) Spin the washing line round.

3) When it stops, whoever is closest to each bag must drink from it for 10 seconds.

4) A player is out if they fail to drink from the goon, vomit or pass out.



There are also hundreds of more games on:


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