Oritsé breaks down in tears over JLS split

Earlier this week boy band, JLS annouced to their fans and the music industry of their split.

The boys were featured on the hit show, Alan Carr: Chatty Man on Wednesday evening which witnessed band member, Oritsé Williams break down in tears when approached on the subject.

The boys were discussing their decision to part when the 26-year-old had to be comforted by fellow bandmate, Marvin Humes.

The boys have decided to head in seperate directions following a farewell arena tour, and release of a greatest hits album later in the year.

Band member, JB Gill, explained to Alan Carr on the chat show:

“It’s Oritsé’s baby effectively, you know. He brought us together.”

Marvin later added:

“It’s an emotional decision. We’re best friends, we’re brothers, the bond between us is indescribable.”

“We’ve been through so much since we first came together and no one would have dreamed what we achieved could be possible, and of course for it to all end was a massively emotional decision, and it wasn’t one that was taken lightly.”

“We’ve had an incredible career for five years and we want to see it as a celebration that we’ve achieved so much. We wanted to go out on top and not be that act where people are like, ‘Oh bloody hell, it’s JLS again’.”

JLS on Alan Carr: Chatty Man
JLS on Alan Carr: Chatty Man

Tickets for the boys farewell tour can be brought at


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