Time Capsule

Don’t take for granted what you have, because one day you might not have it.

I found a letter today. One that, admittedly I was either meant to see ages ago, or was to never see, but either way it got me thinking. The letter was from someone, who was my world, and frankly, is still a massive part of my world now, but over time things have changed.

I would be lying if I said things haven’t changed, but they have, whether for the better or the worse, only time will tell. The letter definetly brought a tear to my eye. It made me relealise that the old saying:

“You never realise what you’ve got until it’s gone”

– really does make sense.

I will be the first to admit that going to university made me want to be ‘free’ and ‘independant’ and I don’t, and hope never will regret that. It’s made me who I am today. In just a few months I’ve grown in confidence and have opened up to more people than I ever thought I would in my lifetime. I’ve told people things about myself that I’ve never told anyone before, some even being on this blog. But it’s made me be proud to be me.

I used to be the shy, quiet one in the group. The one that was polite to everyone, would let anyone walk over me, because I was too scared to share my views. But since university I have grown in character and become independent. At times, probably too confident.

But back to my point – Since being ‘young’ ‘free’ and ‘independent’ the thing I’ve missed most is having those people around me. I love being me, but I also love being part of a group. I can honestly say that I have met the most amazing people at university through many different experiences – all of which I will never forget!

Whilst I love having my uni ‘self’ I can’t help but miss the old me at times. The one that was shy, but that would sit down and listen to anyone, no matter what time of day. The person that would be happy to be friends with anyone and everyone. The girl who made time for her family. Who didn’t cancel plans. Who replied to people instantly.

While university is a massive part of your life, and is bound to change you in some ways, don’t let it change the real you. I will always be grateful for the confidence that it has given me already. But every now and then, take some time to think about who you used to be, because for the past (18 or more years) of your life, that’s the person that all your school friends, and your family, fell in love with!

Always make time for those that at one point in your life, meant the world to you, because one day, they might just not be there – and there might not be anything you can do about it.

Treasure every moment. But more importantly, treasure the people you love.


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