Student night in Romford

Whilst visiting a friend over the easter holidays we decided to go out on a student night in Romford (as that’s where she lives). At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

We first visited Missoula. This was a very nicely designed bar with plenty of space to sit down for drinks or dance the night away. We arrived at the bar at around 11pm getting entry for £2. Once in, the place quickly filled up. While it is great to be in a place that’s busy – I have to admit it, the place could do with being a little bigger for the capacity it holds. None the less it was still a good night – I would just recommend not wearing any thick jumpers ect. as you will get very hot! The price for drinks in here was about average – £2.00 for a single vodka lemonade. The music played was also very good with a mixture of the latest charts as well as a few club classics! The bar closes at 1am, so it’s very easy to spend the night in here alone, but some people do go onto Buddha afterwards as this is open until 4am!

We decided to move onto Buddha after Missoula. At first, I expected it to be similar to the one in Southampton (that’s the only one I’ve ever visited) but it was some-what different. Entry was around £4 I believe which isn’t too bad. When we were there, there were 2 rooms open. This was both a positive and a negative as it allowed people space, but then it did make it feel empty at times. The music in the two rooms were the same genre, which I would probably define as alternative – but it definitely played music to appeal to everyone throughout the night. When we were there we were able to have our face painted for just £2 – at the time it was a great idea, but I probably wouldn’t recommend it – just for the fact that it isn’t a great design. The drinks, again, were of a reasonable price. We didn’t stay until the 4am close, for the fact that it started to empty out through out the night, but for the length of time we were there – it was a really good night.

It was different to what I thought it would be, but then this was what made it a good night for me. The night was a good experience due to the fact that it wasn’t so club based/ chart based as usual, giving you the chance to experience genres that you wouldn’t normally hear.

Romford: Missoula and Buddha
Romford: Missoula and Buddha

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