Student night in Portsmouth

So after nearly completing my first year at Portsmouth Universtiy I can safely say that I love the student nights that they have to offer. There is something every night of the week for all varieties and tastes in music so there’s sure to be something for every student.

There’s several companies that are in control of the Student Night’s in Portsmouth including:

As I previously said, there’s an event every night of the week as follows:


  • Delight Alt Night: This is an Alternative Music night held at Pure every monday night from 10pm-2am. Drinks are £1.50 before 11pm and £2 after. Entry is £2 before 11pm and £4 after.
  • Plus 1: This is a student night held at TigerTiger every monday night. They normally have a themed night at least once a month but is always guaranteed to be packed. The club has 4 different rooms all of which play different music. Due to it selling out most weeks it’s best to buy tickets before hand. Drinks start at around £2.50.
  • Liquid Rocks: This is held at Portsmouth’s Liquid and Envy bar giving you 2 different scenes of music. Room 1 plays Electro, Dubstep and Student Anthems while Room 2 focuses more on Urban music. Drinks start from around £1.80. Tickets are best brought online prior to the event.


  • Dirty Disco: This is a student night held at Pure and offers people drinks from £1.50. It normally holds a theme night each month but it is a weekly event. Entry starts from around £3.
  • Registry: This is held at the Registry which is a pub in Porstmouth but on Tuesday nights they play house music. Drinks are relatively cheap, but the night offers a different scene to those of a club night. Tickets can be brought online or at the door.
  • Rock and Roller: This is a student night in Popworld that focuses on Rock Music. Entry is free all night and they offer drinks from £1.50.


  • Purple Wednesday: This is the social event of the week held at both Popworld and The Fleet. Popworld offers music in the charts along with 90s tune, while The Fleet offers music on the more House, Dubstep side. On a wednesday the smaller clubs and bars on Guildhall Walk are free entry offering you discounted drinks as a starting place, or bar crawl before reaching Popworld. This event can get very busy as it is one the whole university attends. Wrist bands can be brought from Lyberry between 7pm and 9pm of the Wednesday night for £3. Drinks start from £1.80 in Popworld and Fleet.


  • Mystic Disco: This is another event held at TigerTiger again offering 4 rooms with varying music. Tickets can be brought before the event online, or at the door. Drinks start from around £2.50.
  • Vodka Republic: This is another student event held at Liquid in Portsmouth again offering 2 rooms with varying music. This is always a busy night. Tickets can be brought before the event or at the door. They do theme nights throughout the month but it is a weekly event.


  • The Eskimo Project: This is the student night held on a Friday at Pure and Lyberry. The two bars are opened together through the back doors. They play similar music, but offer a huge space for people to fill. Always a very busy night. Drinks start from around £3 for a double spirit and mixer. They also hold a Shisha Bar in the back garden for people to try.



  • Carnage: Once a month Carnage returns to Portsmouth. This is a huge event for the city where all students buy T-shirts for £10 which allows them entry to nearly all the bars and clubs on Guildhall Walk. The event ends in Liquid with an after-party in Lyberry. The T-shirts also offer challenges for the students to take part in, encouraging everyone to get involved. There is also a different theme each time. This is a sell out event so tickets are best to buy quickly.

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