I love the smell of bonfires

I love the smell of bonfires   –   I like the sound of fire   –   I’ve never seen the Sound of Music   –   But I do like folk music   –   I never used to like rock music   –   But I do like searching for cool rocks of the beach   –   My house is kinda near to the beach   –   I live in my house with my 2 sisters, brother and parents   –   My sisters are twins but we all kinda look alike   –   I love to look through magazines   –   One day I want to write for a travel magazine   –   I want to travel all around the world   –   My favourite place in the world is in Holly Hill   –   I like to stand on the edge of hills and cliffs   –   I loved jumping off the cliff in Portugal   –   I have been to Portugal twice so far on holiday   –   My favourite family holiday was to Florida   –   I loved the theme parks in Florida   –   I used to love going to the park with my friends   –   I loads of friends, all of which are very different   –   I like to dress different to others   –   I love wearing a dress in the summer   –   Summer is my favourite time of the year   –   It would be pretty cool to be able to travel through time   –   I want to travel to see the Northern Lights   –   I love Christmas Lights   –   Christmas is my favourite holiday   –   I want to go on holiday with my family again   –   My pet cats are also part of my family now   –   My cats are called Pants and Sox   –   I have more pairs of pants than I do any other clothes   –   I like to go clothes shopping   –   I also like to go food shopping   –   I probably eat way too much food, especially chocolate!   –   I think I’m in love with white chocolate   –   In the sun my hair goes completely white   –   My hair has hardly ever changed it’s always been long and blonde   –   A lot of people call me ‘blonde’ for the things I say   –   I say random things in awkward silences or when no one is talking   –   Talking is what I do best   –   I was never the best at school   –   I loved school, and miss it a lot   –   I also miss being a child   –   I was very quiet as a child   –   I am now the opposite to quiet, and sometimes talk too much   –   I like to talk to and meet new people   –   I don’t like wearing new white shoes   –   I am not very good at going shoe shopping but I have a lot of shoes in my wardrobe   –   I have 1 wardrobe, 4 drawers and 12 boxes of clothes   –   I really want a walk in wardrobe   –   I like to walk along the beach and see the sun set   –   I have never seen the sun rise   –   I love watching my cakes rise in the oven   –   I love my nan’s chocolate cakes   –   I used to visit my nan every week after college   –   At college I won an award for a documentary I made   –   I love watching documentaries with my dad   –   People say that I look just like my dad   –   They also say that I look like my auntie   –   I don’t like to look out of my window at night   –   I love curling up with my duvet and a film at night   –   My favourite Disney films are The Little Mermaid and Toy Story   –   I would love one day, for my grandchildren to pass on my story to their grandchildren   –   I was never that good at the game pass the parcel   –   I always wanted the parcel   –   I love getting parcels in the post   –   I also like collect postcards of places I have been   –   For every place that I have visited, I brought my nan a magnet   –   We’re not allowed to magnets on our fridge at home   –   I have an American Fridge in my kitchen that gives out ice   –   My parents always sit in the kitchen, never in the living room   –   I love my bedroom   –   I have photographs of all my friends in my bedroom   –   I like to take photographs of all the places I visit   –   I did photography at school   –   I left school 3 years ago   –   The number 33 appears everywhere   –   My favourite number is 7   –   I was born on the 7th of February 1994   –   I was born in Southampton   –   My family support Southampton Football Club   –   I can’t play football   –   I used to play the trumpet   –   I tried to learn how to play the guitar   –   I want to be able to play chess one day   –   I like to start the day with a smile   –   I smile at people even if I don’t know them   –   A smile can brighten anyone’s day   –   One day I want to get married   –   I want the person I marry to also be my best friend   –   At school I wasn’t very good at being friends with girls   –   I was never, and still not, a girly girl   –   I don’t like the word never   –   I don’t like words that start with the letter ‘s’   – I don’t like the letter ‘s’ as I have a lisp   –   As soon as I tell people I have a lisp they try to get me to say ‘sizzling sausages’   –   Who says ‘sizzling sausages’ on a normal day to day basis anyway?   –   I like sausage sandwiches   –   I don’t like butter in my sandwiches   –   But I do like butter on toast and bagels   –   I like bagels and cup’a’soups   –   I don’t like the American bagels   –   I prefer fresh bagels   –   Freshly cut grass sets off my hay fever   –   I have never understood why it is called ‘hay’ fever?   –   I don’t like being called Loz   –   I don’t like being called Lauren, its too normal   –   I wouldn’t say that I behave in a normal way   –   I like to do things the hard way so that it’s more fun   –   I prefer soft boiled eggs to hard boiled eggs   –   I once gassed my house out try to boil pasta   –   I am now good at cooking pasta   –   I like to cook at home with my dad  –   My best friend is very good at cooking   –   The first bonfire I went to was with a friend   –   I love the smell of bonfires


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