About a Boy

To kill some boredom and feel sorry for myself I thought I would go to Cex and buy some cheap DVD’s to lighten my mood. After scouring through their large collection I decided on 4.

The first of which was About a Boy. I had seen this once before, but it was at primary school so kinda forgot what it was about. After realising it was only fifty pence I couldn’t help but buy it. I watched it with the rest of my flat when we were all tired and wanting a feel good film. Only one other had seen it, so we figured it was a good shout. To be honest, I had completely forgotten the plot and even when watching it it didn’t remind me of it.

The film is about a boy (get it?) called Marcus (Nicholas Hoult) whose mother, Christine (Sharon Small) attempts suicide after being left to care for him alone. They find themselves in hardship, and struggle to get by on the money she earns as a music therapist. As this story is being told, another one takes place with Will Freeman, (Hugh Grant) a jobless man who gets by in life rather nicely by relying on his fathers money after he wrote and released a christmas song a few years before. Will spends his time looking for women. After realising that single mothers are ‘easy targets’ he decides to attend a group for single parents. Although he does not have a child of his own, he pretends he does in order to pull women. This is where the creation of Ned, his 2 year old son appears. After the first session Will manages to bag himself a date with Susie, Christine’s best friend. On the date they go to a park and take along their children. Will pulls out the excuse that Ned is at his mothers, so Susie brings along her child, and also Marcus as his mother needs a day off looking after him. After Marcus throws a loaf of bread at a duck and kills it, they decide to take him home. Once arriving at his home they walk in to find that his mother has tried to kill herself. After taking her to the hospital she returns home the next day. Marcus finds it hard to cope just the two of them so comes up with the idea that Will and his mother should date. After forcing it upon them, Will realises what his intentions are and tells Marcus that he does not want to date his mother. However, Marcus continues to go round Will’s house every day uninvited in order to talk to him. After a while Will realises that Marcus is getting bullied so tries to help him out by buying him new shoes and clothes, however this all gets stolen. When Marcus returns home without his shoes his mum questions where he got them in the first place. Once realising what Will had been doing she confronts him about the issue. Later on in the film Will falls for a women however, he only got her attention by mentioning Marcus who she believes to be his son. After a date with her and her son, along with Marcus, Will realises just how much he likes her. However, Marcus tells him that he needs to tell her that he is not his dad, otherwise the relationship will never work. When Will finally gets the guts to tell her he doesn’t have a child their relationship is over. Towards the end of the film, Marcus enters the school rock show in order to please his mum. When Will realises what song he plans to sing, he heads straight to the school along with Christine to try and stop him performing. Marcus is determined to do the song and takes the stage. Once realising that he is being humiliated Will joins him. After the school applaud them for their performance Will continues to sing in order to take the humiliation away from Marcus. At the end of the film, Will realises that the women he liked is in the crowd, and after a year passes it shows that they are still together. It also shows that Christine and Marcus have coped well with the attempted suicide as they all appear to get along as one family.

This is a well written story in the way that it expresses the thoughts and feelings of all the characters but through one main storyline. The characters chosen suit their roles exactly right down to their appearance making it feel more realistic. It is a feel good happy film in the way that although it does have a sad start, the ending more than makes up for it. The only critisim I would have about the film is the persona of Christine in the way that her behaviour is rather annoying. However this does fit in with her role, so is understandable why she was portrayed in that way.


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