10 things that are ‘impossible’ to do

UPDATE: Thanks to the lovely Jose Barbosa I have been informed you can actually tickle yourself but only on the roof of your mouth! 

After lacking inspiration to blog, I took to the internet. I type in “10 things that are” and clicked on the first link that appeared. This is the result:

1. Move your leg in a clockwise circle and simultaneously draw a “6” with your hand.

Result: I can safely say I cannot carry out this procedure. Separately I can, but put them both together and I have had no luck. 
2. Place your hand palm down on a flat surface, and raise it up on so just your fingertips touch the surface. Now, curl your middle finger under and try to raise your ring finger.
Result: Now this is different. I can do it, but my middle finger lifts slightly at the same time; not sure if that counts!?
3. Sneeze with your eyes open.
Result: I don’t even need to test this one out. My eyes definitely close when I sneeze, but for some weird reason, when I blow my nose, they stay open? The feeling of having air come out of your eye’s is weird! Trust me!
4. Tickle yourself.
Result: Yep, yet again this is impossible. It’s probably due to you expecting to be tickled. But either way, I think it’s weird how you can’t tickle yourself! 
5. Hiss/laugh/spit/sigh/growl a sentence.
Result: No idea what this one means…
6. Jump vertically higher than half your height.
Result: Yeah, I can’t jump very high at all so I’m probably not the best one to prove its accuracy. 
7. Stop a blush.
Result: I can safely say I have never been able to stop my self blushing. The curse of the blush is forever more!
8. Count your strands of hair.
Result: See, I wouldn’t count this one as impossible because if you had some freakishly spare time (enough to count hair!?) then it could possibly be done. But you’d need a lot of time to prove it!
9. Say any letter of the alphabet without opening your lips.
Result: Luckily I carried this one out in my bedroom otherwise people would have thought I was weird… But as far as I can tell, it is definitely impossible! 
10. Resist trying at least half of these things to prove me wrong.
Result: Got to agree with this one, I mean I’ve even created a blog post about it! 

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