21 Jump Street

21 Jump street is a great Action Comedy, and is a must see for all teenagers and adults.

The film is based on two underachieving cops after they are sent back to high school on an undercover mission. One of the cops, Schmidt, played by Jonah Hill, was a ‘dork’ at college. The other cop, Jenko, played by Channing Tatum was in the ‘popular group’ who bullied Schmidt. But once leaving school they end up working together and become best friends.

Expecting police life to be no stop action, the boys were disappointed when they spent their days cycling around local parks. However, when the opportunity arises to do an undercover mission they are more than excited to accept. They are sent to a drug infested college in order to find out the supplier of a recent drug that has killed pupils. To their amazement, they end up liking college but for different reasons to before.

This is a great comedy written by Douglas Young. The acting carried out by both Hill and Tatum is brilliant as they work together to create a clashing, but hilarious twosome!

My only criticism is that the first half of the film is not nearly as funny as the second!

It’s a must see!


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