Pramface, BBC

So after starting to watch series 2 of Pramface (only saw the end of Series 1) I’m beginning to like the programme even more. Without giving away what has happened in the show recently (for those who choose/want to watch it) I’ll give you a basic outline to what the programme is about.


Series 1 of the programme followed the life of Jamie and Mike, two best friends, during their final GCSE exams. To celebrate the end of their exams both the boys go to a sixth form party. However, in the mean time, 18 year old Laura and her best friend Danielle break their parents curfew and head to the same party. The next morning Jamie wakes up in the same bed as Laura, and leaves her with just a note saying his number. Later on in the programme, Laura turns out to be pregnant, where she also finds out that Jamie is still only 16. Series one is about the build up to the pregnancy and parenthood, whilst series 2 follows the stages behind caring for the baby, and getting on with life as teenagers still.

It’s a must see programme. Whether you want to watch it from the start or not, you’d definitely be able to understand what’s happening. Although, I would recommend watching Series 1 if you can; it’s pretty funny!


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