Students and Sleep

Student’s sleep all day and party all night, with some not even making it back to their beds in the morning!

Whether students’ lack of sleep is due to alcohol consumption or working to a deadline, it is certain that most aren’t getting enough sleep each night.

In order to function properly, the average person should get around 9 hours sleep a night. However, it has been found that 50% of students are receiving 7 or less hours of sleep a night, with 1 in 5 getting less than 6. With the average university course lasting around 4 years – this can lead to lifelong impacts!

It has been found that sleep deprivation affects blood pressure and increases susceptibility of heart disease and cancer, along with many other lifelong symptoms.

It is a common behaviour within students to cram work in the night before an exam; however it has been proved that this results in them performing much worse. It results in them failing to enter the deep sleep stage, REM (Rapid Eye Movement) which is when the mind consolidates memories. It shuts down parts of the mind for planning and evaluation.

Another factor that affects students’ sleep is alcohol. Although it is true, alcohol does make you fall asleep quicker, it also puts you in a weaker sleep resulting in you again missing out on the main stages of REM.

The average number of REM a person goes through in a night is 6-7; however, once you have consumed alcohol it is reduced to 1-2 indicating a clear lack in depth of sleep.

Not only do students lack in sleep when consuming alcohol, it is also common for them to wake up in unusual surroundings such as benches, parks or other people’s beds; putting both their health and work at risk.

So next time you’re out partying, think about where you’re going to spend the night because it can affect the rest of your life, not just your hangover the next day!



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